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Add this to my Christmas wish list. No longer do I have to observe that disgusting tradition of having to wipe myself with my own hand! Thanks to the Comfort Wipe I can wipe without having to touch dirty toilet paper. Only in America.

If you didn’t see Phoenix’s interview (if you can call it that) with Dave Lettermen the other night you should check it out here. It really is quite hysterical. My favorite line is when Dave tells Joaquin, “Joaquin, I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight.”

I can’t wait to see Joaquin perform his hip-hop album on Dave’s show.

A Knoxville, TN man has filed a lawsuit against Lakewind Church to pay $2.5 million for medical bills, lost income and pain in suffering after he fell when he was overwhelmed by the Spirit of God, causing him to fall and hit his head while worshiping. The man said that he has fallen before while being “slayed” in the Spirit, but that every other time someone was present to catch him. Some witnesses said they saw the man lying on the floor laughing after the incident and that he failed to look out for his own safety.

News article.

Litigation. Just another reason for cessationists to fear the Holy Spirit.

What are conservative Evangelicals to do with Pastor Mark Driscoll? He is one of the most polarizing, admired, frustrating, revered, critiqued pastors in America – particularly in the blogosphere. He is a theologically conservative, doctrinally sound man who pastors a church of 6000+ members and growing. It appears that God is blessing his ministry. But he is, admittedly, somewhat of a loose cannon. Nowhere is this more evident than in his speech. Now he has done it again. 

Sometimes, for the sake of cultural relevance, clarity, humor, or even lack of common sense, people in the public square say things that they shouldn’t. Every pastor who speaks regularly to an audience of people has been guilty of saying something in a way that is unhelpful, irreverant, and perhaps even sinful. Mark Driscoll is just a man. He is a sinner saved by grace. He is a redeeemed sinner under the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit justified by God through the propitiation of the Son Jesus Christ. Even so, Driscoll surely recognizes that he is, for so many unbelievers and believers in the Lord Jesus in Seattle, as well as many in Western culture, the standard for what a follower of Jesus is supposed to say, do and think in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

I like to read. I like to laugh. But I don’t often do the latter when doing the former.

I’m reading through Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears book Vintage Jesus. I found Driscoll’s summary of the Gospel of Mark hysterical. Seriously, the kind of funny that gets strange looks from across the room, looks that become more intense and disapproving when people realize you are reading a book about Jesus. The scowl grows because almost no one laughs when reading books about Jesus unless you are weird because we all know that Jesus was a serious dude. And this is precisely one of Driscoll’s main points in his chapter about the humanity of Jesus. Jesus was a man, and being a man, he did the same kinds of things that all humans do. And this meant that Jesus probably had a sense of humor as well. Maybe you will find this overview of Mark as humorous as I did. While Jesus almost certainly didn’t mean to be “funny” in all that transpired in Mark’s account of the life of Jesus, seeing some of the events with a twist of over-the-top modern satire and sarcasm was a little refreshing. After all, laughter is good medicine, right? Read the rest of this entry »

John Piper is, without question, one of my spiritual mentors and heroes. Truth be told, sometimes he seems larger than life to me. His passion for the gospel of Jesus and unbending devotion to God’s Word seem almost supernatural in comparision with my sometimes weak-willed experience with Jesus. There are days when he seems to possess something in relationship to God that seems out of reach for the common person. Sadly, perhaps this says more about me than it does about Piper. Read the rest of this entry »

About a year ago I heard this audio and laughed hysterically for days. My sister-in-law found the video footage and I couldn’t resist posting it. Disclaimer: the video is of a “blooper” from a bible study. It’s not inappropriate (in my estimation), but some more conservative folk might not laugh as hard or loud as I did. Consider yourself warned.