“The account of Creation has a cadence to it, a beat. God creates light, declares that it is good, and there is evening and morning, the first day. God creates heaven and earth, land and water, declares that it is good, and there is evening and morning, the second day. God creates something, declares that it is good…and the beat goes on – until he decides to create people. All of a sudden the rhythm is interrupted. God does something with Adam and Eve that he has no done with anything else. His actions demonstrate why personal ministry is necessary for all of us. Immediately after creating Adam and Eve, God talks to them (Gen 1:26-28). He didn’t do this with anything else he created. He simply rested and moved on. When the cadence is broken and God does something different, you should ask yourself hwy. Why did God talk to them?

God knew that even though Adam and Eve were perfect people living in perfect relationship with him, they could not figure out life on their own. They were created to be dependent. God had to explain who they were and what they were to do with their lives. They did not need this help because they were sinners (though we now do). They need help because they were human.” – Paul David Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, p.40-41.