Several days ago I began to compose a post about Jon and Kate Plus 8. I have to admit that I’ve been disturbed by the fact that so many Americans, including professing evangelicals, are being “entertained” by a marriage so clearly in crisis – a marriage that appeared (at least to me) to be in crisis long before the allegations of infidelity surfaced. But I’ve hesitated to post simply because I don’t want to be guilty of unfairly judging a situation that I really only know about through slick editing and gossip magazines.

However, today I read an article by Christianity Today that I found extremely compelling regarding the lack of discernment Christians apply to anything that “smells” Christian. The best parts of the article is that it forces us to evaluate whether or not we ask the right questions in our entertainment choices, whether or not we possess godly discernment to sniff out sinful patterns long before we get to accusations of sexual immorality, and why we aren’t willing to apply the ethics of Jesus to life. I encourage you to read it carefully. I think you’ll be challenged – without actually having to throw Jon and Kate under the bus in the process.