pixarup1-(2)As I left the theatre today I found myself asking: Why is it that an animation company tells some of the most compelling, well-written, moving stories in cinema today? I found Disney Pixar’s Up to be a fantastically delightful and heart-warming movie experience. Contrary to reports that it was mildly “depressing” or “sad”, I found the film to be a touching tribute to marriage, the difficult challenges of growing older (especially when you are alone), and the unanticipated richness that even the most unusual relationships can bring into our lives when we are willing to welcome such uninvited guests. I was surprised to find myself (pleasantly) reminded to treasure the gift of my wife of eight years (next week) and the privilege of parenting and how much my kids need me to lovingly invest in their lives, even when they push me to my limits.  My heart was strangly and sympathetically filled with affection for the aging adults in my life. I really have no comprehension as to what it must be like to labor hard in building a life with someone, only to have the only life you’ve ever known violently and indiscriminantly taken through death.  If you want to laugh, cry, and overall be filled with a renewed sense of devotion to this adventure we call life, then check out Up. You’ll be glad that you did.