Tonight during dinner with my family I was talking to Emeline (5) about her lack of understanding regarding our instruction leading to disobedience (I didn’t phrase it quite like that). She turned to me in complete exasperation and desperation and said, “I guess I am just going to go to hell. I can’t be good enough to go to heaven.”

Honestly, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, shout “Hallelujah!” or “Don’t say that!”. How can someone utter such dreadful words and frame them with such cute sincerity? Oh, but how close to the Kingdom she might be if the truth of her words takes root in her heart!

It was a wonderful opportunity to tell her that she is exactly right. She can’t be good enough to go home to heaven with Jesus. No one can. I told her that this is precisely why she needs Jesus. Jesus must be her “goodness” (i.e., righteousness) and he died upon the cross, taking upon her sin, so that she might receive his “goodness” and be adopted as a daughter of God. She continued to talk about how “sinful my heart is” and that she “believed in Jesus”. Tonight she told me that she wanted me to pray for her that she would trust Jesus more and soon become a Christian.

And, so, that is precisely what I am praying. We are eager to see the Spirit at work and the seeds of the Gospel taking root in her heart while bringing forth life. If you think of her this week, join us in praying for Emeline.