There have been recent reports that leading Democrats want to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, which would have a significant impact on socially conservative and religious media programming. The Fairness Doctrine would make it against the law to air any political, religious or social commentary without balancing that commentary with sufficient counterpoints arguing against the said position. The reason that some Democrats are pursuing this legislation is because they want to silence anyone who doesn’t hold to their particular slant on the world at the moment. Your political persuasion notwithstanding, any liberty-loving, bible-toting individual should stand in staunch opposition to the Fairness Doctrine.

Much has also been made about how biased the pro-Obama media coverage was both prior to and since his election as President. Media pundits have argued that there is no hidden agenda in our media coverage. They just “report the news”.

Evidence that at least some employees of our major media outlets do, in fact, want to silence the politically conservative in this country can be heard in the whispering words that dripped off the lips of an off-camera media host when Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) took the podium to respond to Pres. Obama’s speech last night. Listen closely.