Several weeks ago I was engaged in a conversation with a man who talked about his concern over the fact that our church doesn’t seem to be reaching many people for Christ through evangelism. I told him that there may be a hosts of reasons for this. Perhaps one reason is personal disobedience. It is very likely that people aren’t actively looking for or engaging in opportunities to share Christ. I told him that another reason might be prayerlessness. It is possible that we aren’t reaping of the harvest because we aren’t asking for the Spirit to produce a harvest of souls. I also told him that, from a biblical perspective, that another obstacle to seeing evangelistic fruit is rooted in the reality that, in far too many instances, the people of God (the Church) don’t look or live any differently in this world than non-believers. It seems that Charles Spurgeon would agree. He made this poignant statement over 150 years ago.

I believe that one reason why the church of God at this present moment has so little influence over the world is because the world has so much influence over the church.

If the church is mired in wordliness, what, then, might compel a watching world to take notice of the Gospel?