President-Elect Obama and the Democratic-led Congress is faced with some steep challenges in the year ahead. Rising unemployment, needy Americans without affordable health care, trillion dollar deficits, foreign policy headaches, instability in the Middle East, and a global and domestic economy poisoned by fiscal irresponsibility present formidable challenges to the incoming President’s administration and agenda.

But I am glad to see that some members of Obama’s party have their priorities in order. Rep. Edolphus Towns (D – N.Y.), the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, intends to hold hearings hoping to force the NCAA to move away from the BCS and towards a Division 1 college football playoff.

Let me get this straight. Barack Obama has spent months successfully convincing the American public that our government is in serious need of change and one of the first actions of a key member of his party, a member who is the head of a committee about government reform, intends to enter the new year tackling the pressing ,monumental, life-changing, citizen-helping, job-providing  issue of a college football playoff so that we can get a “true No.1”?

Aren’t there bigger fish to fry in 2009? Why is a committee in Washington D.C. getting involved in this? It seems to me that the chairmam of a House committee on government reform would make their first priority an internal audit of what is actually wrong on Capital Hill, especially since it was the message that change was needed, not only in the White House, but within the entire infrastructure of our government itself, that helped Obama win the White House.