Tony Woodliff writes a response to a Washington Post article about atheist and/or agnostic secular humanists seeking community in groups that look pretty similar to the community that is supposed to be found in the Church. The goal of such communities is the pursuit of a life of good works without the dogman of faith. While interesting, Woodliff’s most compelling commentary is reserved for the contemporary Church, which is so many cases embraces the dogma of faith without being characterized by good works. The irony here is that “faith without works is dead”. Woodliff asks an important question:

Whose souls are more in jeopardy? The humanist thirsting for God may one day find the living Well. But what of the self-satisfied Christian who ignores the wounded in his own congregation? By faith we are saved, yes, but faith without works is dead. Who will break open the whitewashed tomb?

Lord have mercy on all we who mumble prayers without lifting a finger.