Peggy Noonan (The Wall Street Journal) has an excellent running commentary on the Republican National Convention in anticipation of Palin’s monumentous speech tonight. The McCain campaign needs more than a base hit tonight; they need a home run. Sadly, the reason they need a home run is that the media isn’t playing nice with Gov. Palin. There is clearly a bias here and Noonan nails it. Just look around. Notice the difference in the recent cover of the celebrity magazine US. Just recently they ran a cozy story about Obama and his family while this week’s cover is laced with scandal over Gov. Palin and her 17-year old pregnant daughter. There are more examples but Noonan says it much better than I ever could.

John McCain and Sarah Palin, listen up. The average American citizen needs to hear about how your domestic policies are going to address a struggling economy, the weak dollar, the mortgage crisis, No Child Left Behind, Supreme Court appointments and more. We need to hear about how your foreign policies intend to deal with the news that North Korea has begun reassembling their nuclear power plant (if they ever actually stopped), how diplomacy is going to work in Iran, when troops will begin pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan without leaving these fragile democracies on the brink of civil war, and how we plan to deal with the angry mother-bear we call Russia.

Unfortunately, Obama/Biden aren’t giving us much in way of information about any of these issues either. They just keep blowing the trumpet of “change” without really telling us what exactly is going to change. But I’ve got to hand it to Obama, his charge to the media to leave Palin’s family out of politics was classy. Regrettably, the very media that will likely get Obama elected isn’t listening.