Sen. John McCain’s choice is a suprising, yet bold one. When you consider the front-runners prior to the announcement, this is perhaps the most unconventional, but potentially most fruitful pick of them all. While obvious that McCain wanted to pick someone like Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman, like-minded men he both trusted and respected, McCain’s camp knew that a pro-choice pick would undermine his whole campaign. There is no way he would be able to carry conservative, pro-life voters with Ridge or Lieberman on the ticket. This left McCain to choose from Mitt Romney or Tom Pawlenty, and neither of these men offered much to energize the base either. In Gov. Palin John McCain has picked a staunchly conservative, highly-successful, anti-establishment Republican woman to energize his campaign.

Of course, the Obama-Biden campaign and the liberal media desperate to put the youthful Democratic candidate in the White House are wasting no time attacking Palin’s qualifications for the Vice-Presidency, effectively seeking to discredit her qualifications to led because of her short amount of time in the political scene. Interestingly, the Obama campaign are utilizing the same-attack dog tactics they have boastfully claimed do not make Sen. Barack Obama less qualified or competent to serve as Commander-in-Chief. In reality, Obama barely has any more political service or expertise than Palin. The difference between the two is actually pretty important. Palin has served in an executive capacity as Governor of Alaska, while Obama has no executive experience at all.

Admittedly, on the surface, Obama naming Sen. Joseph Biden to his ticket, especially in light of his foreign policy credentials, initially appears to be a stronger overall ticket than McCain-Palin, especially when you consider that both Biden and Palin will be a mere heartbeat away from the Presidency. However, the reality is that neither Biden or Palin will be the President unless something incapacitates Obama or McCain’s ability to fulfill his duties. This puts the burden back on the Obama / McCain comparison. Who is best qualified to lead the United States now?

Any American who really believes that Barack Obama can deliver the change that he promises to Washington has lost their sensibilities. The ability of the President to illicit sweeping change is vastly over-rated. And as I listen to Obama I am left to wonder: “What is it that he hates about America so much?” There are certainly things wrong with the political system in America. This notwithstanding, this is still the greatest country in the world in regards to the pursuit and protection of liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

The nomination of Palin to the McCain ticket initially concerned me, but the more I learn, the more I think this could be a stroke of genuis on the part of McCain’s campaign. We’ll know soon enough, won’t we?