1. If my gasoline contains 10% ethanol, then why isn’t it cheaper than gasoline that doesn’t contain ethanol?
  2. A 16-year old girl in California was killed this past weekend in a car accident. The police found her phone in the floor board open, which caused them to suspect that she had been texting while driving. Authorities also say that she was driving drunk and speeding at the time of her accident. Her mother said that she hopes her daughter’s death will cause people to think twice before texting and driving. Good thought to be sure, but what about texting will driving at a high rate of speed while intoxicated? Did I miss something?
  3. Why do drive-through ATM’s have braille key pads?
  4. I don’t like Sen. Hillary Clinton but she is right about one thing: If Sen. Barack Obama wins this election it will be, in part, because the media has made him a celebrity.
  5. President Musharaff’s resignation in Pakistan makes an already volatile situation in Afghanistan much more unstable.
  6. The scoring in Women’s (if you can call some of them that) gymnastics at the Olympics is maddening and I am convinced there is a conspiracy to award almost anyone but American competitors gold medals. The fact that China’s He Kexin (who doesn’t appear to be older than 12) beat Nastia Luikin on the uneven bars with the exact same score is befuddling, and the fact that China’s Cheng Fei, who fell on the vault, knocked US gymnast Alecia Sacramone out of medal contention, who did everything right, is flat out wrong. Isn’t it strange that the Olympics are in China and for some reason the Chinese keep benefiting from the bizarre world of scoring in gymnastics. You want to know what is even more disturbing? Why do I care about Women’s gymnastics?