Yesterday I got back from 8 days in Peru. During our stay we spent 2 days working at AMG childcare centers in Lima and Huaraz, and the rest of the time we spent treking in the Andes Mountains, distributing New Testaments translated into the heart language of the people of this region, showing the Jesus film, sharing testimonies, and making meager attempts to share and show the love of Jesus among the Quechuas who populate this region of Peru. I thought I’d share a few things that I learned during this experience.

  1. I am far more sinful than I tell myself I am. Peru was a convicting, sanctifying experience. I’m materialistic. I lust for more things than I need or deserve. I’m often fearful of sharing the gospel. I don’t love my neighbor or enemy the way I should because I don’t often live for Jesus within my own culture the way I do in other cultures. My tongue is poison. My heart is wicked and I need Jesus.
  2. I am far more grateful for the gospel than I was 8 days ago. I may be a sinful person, but I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I am a saint, chosen one, holy and beloved. I am not a perfect man, but by God’s grace I am not as wretched as I could be.
  3. Our eyes should be fixed on both our neighbors and the nations. We should long for the redemption of our own culture as much as we long for the redemption of unreached cultures.
  4. Technology is a sinister stumbling block to a life live well for Jesus. Technology certainly has the potential to serve the Kingdom profitably, but for most of us, it does little else but deaden our affections for God. God save us from our iPods, cell phones, computers, tv’s, etc.
  5. God’s grace is sufficient in our weakness.
  6. Having much doesn’t equal a satisfied life. I’m always amazed that those who are “less fortunate” than us as Westerners often appear happier and more content than we do.
  7. God is always faithful to speak; we aren’t always faithful to listen.
  8. I love my students at Concord more than I show them I do. I will, by God’s grace, do better.
  9. While I didn’t learn it here, I was reminded that it is true. Safety is a mirage. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without God’s permission; neither will I.