One of the arguments against adoption rights for gay and lesbian couples is the fear that nurturing children in a homosexual environment will encourage homosexuality in children raised in this particular environment. Devin and Geoffery, a gay couple who resides in Seattle, Washington, recently adopted 2 four year-old twin boys and their 3 year-old sibling. MSNBC ran an article today about their journey into parenthood and their goals for their boys. In the attached audio file to the article one of the parent’s says the following:

They [Zeth, Zayn and Zack] are goiing to be who they are going to be, no matter what we do or don’t do with them.

This is probably standard argument for those who argue for a biological cause of homosexuality. But let me ask this question: If young Zeth suddenly begins exhibiting destructive pathological behaviors that may or may not be triggered by a biological or chemical cause in his body, behaviors that are trigger by exposure to certain kinds of violent media, do you think that Devin and Geoffrey will sit idly by as parents and watch Zeth walk down a path to destruction, a path that will certainly bring harm to himself and perhaps others, simply because Zeth is “going to be who [he] is going to be, no matter what [we] do with [him]”. Certainly not, or at least if they do, they are demonstrating a lack of care and concern for their son’s emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Discuss. Is it true that people will be who they are going to be regardless of the kind of nurturing and instruction that takes place in their lives?