I just finished watching the movie Bella upon the recommendation of the Rebelution Harris boys. Bella is a powerful, uncompromising, beautiful movie about the kaleidoscope of emotions blooming through broken humanity. Joy, sorrow, fear, compassion, mercy and more array a beautiful field in which to run. I don’t want to ruin the plotline of the movie, so I will steer clear of saying too much.

One of the most poignant themes in the movie is the way that the one of the main characters responds to an inconvenient intrusion in his life. During one scene in the movie a blind man asks the two main characters to describe the day for him. There is a brief description of flowers, and then, Nina tells him that it is an ordinary day, with people bustling to their next appointment as cars fly by. She tells him that it’s like a clock, always moving forward, a huge living clock. The man says, “I’d like to see that.” But when life becomes like the clock, we miss the beauty and potential embedded in the moments where life becomes inconvenient and unpredictable.

When Nina’s life appears to be crashing down around her, Jose abandons his ordinary day by pursuing her through a series of random acts of compassion. He risks his job, alienation from his family, and a confrontation with his painful past in order to comfort Nina in her brokenness and confusion. While I was watching this film it struck me how often I am guilty of ignoring similar providential intrusions. They may not be of the magnitude of Nina’s problem, but nonetheless, I’m afraid I often miss profound opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life for the sake of Jesus simply because I’m caught up in my ordinary day of appointments and responsibilities.

This was a fantastic movie. Take the time to watch it. The trailer is above.