Brian McLaren, one of the leading voices and visioneers in the Emergent Church culture, recently spoke at a conference for student and youth pastors at Willow Creek Community Church. It is an undeniable fact that McLaren has been working hard to encourage pastors and ministers to “reimagine” the Gospel. He is not a friend of traditional evangelical doctrines. At this latest speaking engagement McLaren questions the traditional doctrine of hell and the Second Coming of Jesus. His position on these matters has been made unquestionably clear in his latest book Everything Must Change.

I’d like to link several articles that are worthy of your attention and reflection.

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David Roach’s article on the conference

The question is this: Can McLaren apparently misunderstand the heart of the Gospel so clearly and yet still be Christian? This isn’t a judgment. It is a question. McLaren often say very thought-provoking, insightful things about culture – both secular and sacred. However, in McLaren’s response to consumerism and an attachment to things and image so valued in our culture, he has, in my estimation, moved away from the core values of the Gospel. He has elevated the causes of poverty, social justice and love above the cause and aim of the Gospel.