Recently our church has begun incorporating a pastoral prayer into our weekly worshp service. The pastoral prayer serves several purposes. First, it is intended to be community -oriented in nature. This is a “we” prayer, not an “I” prayer. Second, the pastoral prayer is prayed by one who stands as kind of a spokesmen for the entire community of believers. The one prayer is, in effect, the ambassador to God in prayer. Third, the pastoral prayer is intended to be instructional in nature. What I mean by this is that it is intended to serve as a model for how people should be encouraged to pray privately. The reason we consider it a model is not because our pastors are stellar example of how to prayer, but that the pastoral prayers are significantly shaped by Scripture. We are praying God’s Words to God. We are claiming God’s truth and God’s promises as we pray corporately. Fourth, the pastoral prayer is strategic. It is never intended to serve as the “transition” to the next element of corporate worship. It takes a place of prominence in our service. I’ve really enjoyed this new element to our worship services. You can find an example of such a prayer here.