Obama may well win the Democratic nomination. In spite of Hillary Clinton taking 3 of the4 primaries last night (Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island), she barely dented Obama’s lead because of how the delegates are split. As concerned as I am about a potential Clinton Presidency, I’m growing more and more leary of the prospect of Obama being Commander-in-Chief. Denny Burk has posted some insightful articles here, here, here and here.

Many evangelicals have chosen to concern themselves with the “rumor” that Obama has Muslim roots. This only exposes our fear of Islam and terrorism, as well as our shallow faith in the providence of God who establishes all governing authorities (Rom 13:1). Rumor-mongers have hoped to derail Obama’s campaign on religious grounds among the religiously conservative voting base the same way that Romney’s campaign was wounded by his Mormon faith.

Honestly, what concerns me more than the fact that Obama does or doesn’t have an Islamic family tree are his claims to have Christian roots. One cannot divorce personal faith and public policy. Faith determines, shapes and informs the morality that governs public policy. It is the object of that faith that assumes the position of authority. For example, if one’s faith rest predominately in secular humanism and natural reason, then secular humanism and natural reason will dictate public policy. In the same way, personal faith will influence decisions made for the determined “good” of society.

What concerns me about Obama’s claims to Christian faith is that, in quoting the Scriptures, he is appealing to the fact that he understands and embraces both the tenets and implications of the Gospel as revealed in Scripture. Yet, his enforcement of public policy betrays the tenets and demands of the Gospel. He appears to be using “faith” to cloak the kinds of public policies that are incongruent with the Gospel. It is a blessing that Senate voting records are public record because they give us a realistic indication of what politicians, Obama included, really mean and believe as they put their “faith” in action as demonstrated in their voting record. Truth be told, Obama may look like a sheep, but he votes like a wolf.