Justin Taylor has an outstanding response to Rick Love in response to this statement: “I believe that Muslims worship the true God.” If you have read any of the posts about this topic on this site you must read Taylor’s gracious, yet firm response to his friend. Taylor here summarizes the issue and problem with Love’s position:

Love reiterates his view: “Muslims already worship God as the One Living God—Creator and Judge of the Universe. . . . I believe that Muslims worship the true God. . . . I believe that anyone who affirms monotheism—whether Muslim, Jew, Sikh or Tribal—are worshiping the true God. How can it be otherwise, since there is only one God?” At the same time, he pleads “not guilty” to misleading Muslims or giving them false hope. He sets his response in the context of his understanding of Pauline theology and methodology. His perspective in this post is helpful—but his statements about Muslims worshipping the true God are not helpful, because they are not true.

Love assumes that all monotheists (i.e., people who believe in only one God) de facto “are worshiping the true God.” This proposition is unsustainable from a biblical perspective.

Taylor is absolutely correct. The extended olive branch intended to stimulate dialogue between Muslims and Christians through the document A Common Word will only potentially close more doors than it opens because it is misleading. It leads Muslims to assume that they are, on some level, okay spiritually because it does not frankly draw out the most significant distinction between Christian and Muslim: what do you believe about the person of Jesus Christ?