Doug Wilson has a provocative post about the false pretensions of feminism and its effects as we see them publicly played out in the lives of media darlings such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. You can read this post below or check it our here.

For obvious reasons, I won’t link to it directly, but Drudge has informed us that Lindsey Lohan, the troubled young actress, has now reenacted a famous cheesecake photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe’s. This is another great example of the fraudulent pretensions of feminism — I think it can safely be said that we are now living in a post-feminist era, where most of the platitudes of feminism are ignored in practice while virtually all public figures feel compelled to bow and scrape before feminist cliches as the received wisdom. The good news is that there are some signs of a developing blowback.

And my point is not the “cheesecake” or porn lite. The point is how obvious the consequences are. In the fifties, we could pretend as a culture that this kind of thing was not destructive, and particularly that it was not destructive to women. The sexual revolution, with all its devastating force and power, was still in the future. We could pretend that Marilyn Monroe was not a wretched and miserable woman. But now, with women like Spears and Lohan, even though they were created in the image of God, we can see our sin taking them apart in public. Our culture thinks it is only disrobing women when it is in fact dismantling them. The Word, with its unbending law and glorious gospel, offers them a substantive and fruitful life as wives and mothers, while all our degraded culture can summon up is the degradation (that we are impudent enough to call empowerment) of living a life that is as hollow and fulfilling as that of an inflatable doll.

So this is where a generation or more of sexual egalitarianism has gotten us — a woman can be distintegrating emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, and the American people are delighted to have it so, just so long as she has a couple of big ones.