This is an important question primarily for two reasons: (1) Islam is statistically the fastest growing religion in the world; (2) There is a surging Islamic-fascists presences in the world that seeks the destruction of Western culture, a culture which many Muslims believe is “Christian”. It is this second reason that provokes fear in the hearts of many people in the world because we don’t know how to appropriately respond to the acts of violence committed by radical Muslims against Westerners and Western interests all over the world. Furthermore, most of us don’t even understand what motivates such extremism and hatred for Westerners, but particularly Americans. This raises an interesting problem for the church in America because the gospel is meant to be extended to all nations – including Islam-dominated nations – and including those Muslims who would take great pleasure in killing you. If the gospel is going to be brought to Muslims, what are the means that God is going to use to bring them to faith in Jesus (besides the obvious means of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit)? An article in Christianity Today answers these questions. You can read the entire article here, but you’ll find a summary of what has compelled Muslims to turn to Jesus, even in the face of persecution, below.

1. The lifestyle of Christians, including an ethic of love and the rejection of violence.
2. The power of God in answered prayers and healings.
3. Deliverance from demonic power.
4. Dissatisfaction with the type of Islam they had experienced as Muslims.
5. The gospel message, especially its emphasis on assurance and forgiveness.
6. The spiritual truth in the Bible.
7. Love expressed through the life and teachings of Jesus.