Wayne Grudem, a staunchly conservative evangelical Christian whom I have deep respect and admiration for, believes that evangelicals should cast their support towards Mitt Romney. I must admit that I am troubled about who to support in the upcoming Republican primaries. I find Mike Huckabee to be the candidate I am most sympathetic towards, but he isn’t electable (at least not yet). Realistically, only Rudy Guiliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Fred Thompson have a viable shot at the Republican nomination (unless evangelicals decide to support Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee in mass). I found Grudem’s argument persuasive and thought-provoking, so much so that I intend to spend some more time researching Romney. Maybe Romney is the only front-running Republican candidate who shares the morality and values conservatives have fought to hard to make a bench-mark of the national Republical party, and perhaps he is be the only pro-life candidate who likely stands a chance against the Democratic nominee (likely Hillary Clinton).

Check out Grudem’s argument here.

As persuasive as Grudem’s argument may be, I’m not convinced entirely that he is right. I think that conservatives and evangelicals are drawn to Romney, not because he is the best candidate, but because he seems to be the most electable candidate not named Guiliani.