It is becoming increasingly apparent that Westerners live in fear of not only Islamic extremists, but of Islam as well, and this fear reaches all the way to the classroom. A recent government backed study in England reveals that many teachers are dropping the Holocaust from history lesssons for fear of upsetting the beliefs of students who deny the Holocaust every happened. Never mind that pretending the Holocaust never happened by erasing it from our history books (at least as far as it being taught orally) may be horribly offensive, insensitive and dishonoring to the lives of more than 6 million Jews tortured and slaughtered at the hands of Hitler’s Third Reich.

What would motivate a teacher to ignore such a profoundly horrific, yet significant event in human history other than fear that those who ignorantly deny the authenticity of these events might be inspired to act violently against those who dispute their zealous religious and historically dubious claims? This certainly isn’t to suggest that all Muslims are prone to acts of violence, but capitulating to our fear of Islamic extremists and acts of terror will only further inspire and embolden radical Muslims in their efforts to destroy any and all cultures different to Islam and write their own version of revisionist history in the world. And by altering the historical landscape of the world by being silent about issues and events that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran we give the voice of Mohammed more and more legitimacy in secular culture while marginalizing other perspectives. What should concern the followers of Jesus is that this marginalization includes the suppression of the Gospel while advocating the vision and teachings of a false prophet.

God, save us from our fear, help us to trust in your sovereign care knowing that you are the only one we need to fear, and embolden us to speak truth – both spiritual and historical – in every area of culture when given the opportunity.