I found this linked on the Reformissionary blog. You might want to follow these instructions when watching: 1) Don’t watch while in class – even if you have headphones – because you will probably bust out with a boisterous belly laugh when you hear this ridiculous apologetic from Ray Comfort; 2) Steer clear of others when watching – because if you aren’t laughing it might be because you feel sick to your stomach at this argument which Comfort calls the “atheist’s nightmare”. Who are you kidding, Ray? This illustration is the nightmare.

However, it needs to be said that while we might hear this overly simplistic argument from design and chuckle at its perceived idiocy or bemoan the cultural mockery hurled our way as believers because this is the “best” apologetic we can come up with for an argument from design, Ray Comfort has been faithful to share the gospel of Jesus and has undoubtedly been used by God to bring others to faith in Jesus. We should all be encouraged by his zeal and compassion and tireless efforts to communicate the gospel in a winsome way – even when his creativity appears to fall flat and fails to achieve its desired goal.