A recent study released today by the Guttmacher Institute, a New York City based think-tank that studies sexual and reproductive issues reveals that 95% of American adults have had premarital sex. What is interesting about the study is that there is a significant amount of interests and resources poured into abstinence-based programs for young people (12-29 years of age), and yet very few of our resources are invested in encouraging adults to consider abstinence as a viable option for sex and sexuality. According to the study, if the majority of adults have already had sex, what is the point of pouring millions of dollars into abstinence training. Lawrence Finer, the study’s author, thinks it would be more effective to provide people with the skills and information they need once they become sexually active. In other words, the study concedes that sexual intercourse before marriage is morally acceptable and the primary issue is making sure that people have safe, disease free sex.

The numbers in this study seem a bit exaggerated, but one thing is clear: sexual promiscuity is rampant both inside and outside the church and abstinence-based education, while a noble attempt to promote chastity and purity, isn’t working in sex-crazed, sex-saturated, sex-seducing America.